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JMA Internet Design Premium Domains

Everything on the web have a domain.  Is just having your company's domain isn't enough for you to get found on the internet?

JMA Internet Design specializes in getting you the best domain that is right for your site.

Premium Domains is a key element to increased the chance that your site is found on the internet.

Nothing is guaranteed to get your site on the first page except for paid ads that are costly.

Get a Premium Domain that best suit your website content on the internet and gain its rightful place during an internet search.

Boost your sites ability to be found be being connected the right Premium Domain.

Make your mark onto the internet with a strong foundation, with Premium Domains.

Go ahead and search your business.  Is the only way you can find your business listing is by typing in your exact company's name?  Premium  Domains and the right content is the best known fact to get recognized in an internet search inquiry.  And it's a lot cheaper than paid ads and outrageous SEO prices.

Premium Domain Packet                          $189.99


Up to 3 Premium Domains

1 Protective Registration

Up to 2 Certified Domains

Domain Appraisals

*Annual renewal:  $94.99

What is an Organic Site Listing?

Is the only way to find your site is by entering the site name into a search engine?  Are you able to found your site within .a broad search.  If not, that means that you have an Organic Site Listing.  

An Organic Site Listing is usually provided by search engines for free and it gives you a listing within their engines but that still isn't enough for you to be found that is why they then offer you a chance to pay for anything extra.  This can become very costly just like SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Premium Domains help with giving a direct definition to what the website and/or platform is all about.


Premium Domains

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Premium Domains

Premium Domains